Preschool 幼稚園:

Our preschoolers are awesome! They write their names, they sing and dance to a range of English songs, and they learn new vocabulary and even grammar every month through fun games and activities.


Elementary Grades 1&2 小学1・2年生:

Once students enter grade school, there may be less singing, but there is a whole lot more serious learning and we still have fun! From a simple self-introduction to reading skills through weekly phonics instruction, our first and second graders often attain an English level to rival that of a first year junior high student.


Elementary Grades 3&4 小学3・4年生:

Our third and fourth graders are so great to teach- not only can they cover more interesting grammar while still playing the games of their childhood, but their comprehension, writing and confidence improves every week!

小学3・4年生はとても教えやすい学年です! 難しい文法を理解できるのももちろんですが、ゲームのレベルが上がりますし、英語を聞く力や書く力が上達し、どんどん自信もついてきます。

Elementary Grades 5&6 小学5・6年生:

Naturally, our fifth and sixth graders regularly master junior high level English grammar. While widening their vocabulary they perfect their reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities, knowing they’ll do well come junior high.


Adults 大人クラス(レベルで分けます):

Adult students at Imagine enjoy the same educational entertainment in their classes, while learning how to fully utilize the English they learned in school and expanding into ever more natural communication.